The Fagun Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering girls and women of all ages across the globe, through creativity and arts awareness. The Foundation aims to empower girls and women by encompassing them within a supportive community and building a safe space for female self-expression.

The Fagun Foundation organises a variety of arts-orientated programmes covering multiple creative disciplines, from writing and painting to dancing and acting. These provide women with the opportunity to grow, develop and flourish. We work with a global network of creative professionals who offer guidance and mentorship. Our ultimate goal is to establish a network of schools where we educate arts awareness and creative expression.

The Foundation is proud to provide women worldwide with access to the resources and support that will ensure their personal and professional well-being. We encourage all girls and women to realise their full potential through creativity.


Fagun Thakrar is a critically acclaimed British actress, writer-director, filmmaker and activist, based in the UK and the US. Having served as spokeswoman for other non-profit causes and foundations, Fagun witnessed the transformative effects that fostering creativity in others can have in their lives. She founded the Fagun Foundation in 2017. Fagun has appeared in a number of international cinematic productions and as an artist, her films and creative output focus on narratives featuring strong female leads and advancing women’s rights. Fagun studied medicine at University College London and later trained in classical acting at the renowned Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. She subsequently completed a master’s degree at the London College of Arts and Fashion. Most recently, Fagun’s artistic passion expanded to directing. Having studied film directing in the United States, her latest project is a documentary exploring the intersection of neuroscience and mindfulness: ‘How Our Brains Are Affected by Meditation’. In addition to her philanthropy and cinematic profession, her career achievements also span a wide range of industries and passions including fashion, business and teaching.

A Message from the Founder, Fagun Thakrar

Establishing the Fagun Foundation has been an incredibly important mission of mine, as I want girls and women around the world to have access to the resources and support that will help them to reach their full potential. I believe that the creative arts should not be seen as an optional addition to ‘traditional’ learning and working, but rather as an integral part of our lives.

When I moved to London to study medicine, certain aspects of my new life were quite overwhelming. I found that my involvement in the arts, however, allowed me to express myself in a way that I did not feel capable of doing within an academic or professional setting. Often, the creative arts and traditional, scientific academia are seen as two opposing factions; conversely, for me, having a creative outlet allowed me to develop my own self-expression and build confidence, which allowed me to thrive in other aspects of my life.

During my time as the international spokesperson and volunteer for a domestic abuse non-profit in the US I encountered the power of creative expression. Through my hands-on experience working with these women, I learned that creative expression helped them to regain a sense of independency which enabled them to flourish in other aspects of their lives, thereby regaining a sense of their own self-value.

Following these experiences and having dedicated much of my professional life to the arts, I am determined to advocate the power of artistic expression and arts awareness as an outlet which not only promotes creativity and self-expression but also supports and harmonises with one’s professional and personal development and well-being, helping to empower girls and women across the globe.

The Fagun Foundation is not solely about dancing, painting, storytelling or acting, but rather giving women the space and the tools to experiment with these outlets and to find and develop their own unique self-expression. The Community Programmes aim to give women the opportunity to learn and develop new creative skills, but more importantly, they provide a supportive community where self-expression is encouraged and ideas can be shared. Our mentoring programmes carefully select women who could benefit both personally and professionally from the one-to-one guidance of one of our professional mentors. We can offer continuous support, mentoring, and guidance to the women who need it most.

In time, I hope to one day implement the Fagun Foundation Schools which will provide regular and comprehensive instruction in various creative outlets to offer an alternative to the traditional ways of learning and developing.

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